10 Simple and Effective Ways to Motivate the Unmotivated

Motivate the Unmotivated

It’s staring at you. Looming over you like Mount Everest. That monumental task you know needs to get done, but that you’re completely unmotivated to tackle. You skirt around it. You try to ignore it. But it’s still there. Steadily bearing down on you, mocking you. You know the only way to get rid of…

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Why Pushing Teens to Succeed Can Push Them Over the Edge

Pushing Teens to Succeed

Success. It’s a double-edged sword. On one side, it motivates you, drives you on, infuses you with confidence. But it has a darker side, too. One that can engulf you, drag you down, push you over the edge. If you decide to pursue success of your own free will, it’s your choice to expose yourself…

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Train Your Brain to Be Calm and Less Anxious With Neurofeedback


Perhaps you have seen this:  Two opponents, seated at opposite ends of a table. Their heads are adorned with a broad, pliable band held parabolan buying: offline recommendations in place with a velcro closure. From the band extends two electrical wires that connect to the table.  In the middle of the table, a transparent plastic…

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7 Strategies to Help You Get to Work and Stop Procrastinating

The deadline for your work project is tomorrow. But instead of working on it, you’re fiddling around with all sorts of things. You’re checking your emails and your Facebook account. You’re watching YouTube videos, listening to news reports, and reading blogs. You are even cleaning off your desk. Anything but working on your project! Believe…

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Stay Calm to Successfully Handle Your Child’s Meltdowns

emotional child

Your face flushes red. You nervously glance at the onlookers, thoroughly embarrassed about the scene your child is making. Refusing to listen to anything you say, your child is screaming, stomping, threatening, and thrashing about – completely out of control! Sounds like something you’ve experienced? Don’t feel guilty if you have a hard time loving…

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Relationship Magic: The Benefits of Validating Your Partner

validating your partner

“I bought her chocolates, flowers, and even diamonds. But nothing seemed to bring us closer together.” Maybe that’s because those tangible things are not necessarily the best way to build a strong connection with your partner. Not that it hurts to get gifts, enjoy a special dinner, or go on a romantic trip together. But…

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Social Anxiety: Common Symptoms and Coping Strategies

social anxiety

We’ve all experienced moments of shyness. They can arise unexpectedly but don’t typically present as a serious obstacle to social interaction. According to the Social Anxiety Institute (SAI), shyness is classified as a “personality characteristic.” Social anxiety, on the other hand, is a disorder. The SAI characterizes this disorder as displaying “a significant amount of…

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