New Year’s Resolutions: How to Make Them AND Keep Them!

new year's resolutions

Often people make New Year’s resolutions to change specific aspects of their lives, starting out enthusiastically and with much hope, only to end up failing to reach their goal. The end of the matter turns out worse for them than the beginning. Their failure leaves them frustrated and disheartened, increasing their anxieties rather than alleviating…

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ADHD Treatment: Why Medication is not the Only Solution

adhd treatment

“I think your kid might have ADHD,” is an all too common response when someone notices that a child has trouble settling down and perhaps can’t seem to focus well. Often that statement is followed by: “You should really have them tested and get them on some medication.” Quickly resorting to treating a mental or…

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Take These Steps to Cope with Depression and the Holidays

depression and the holidays

It seems like there’s nothing but happy endings during the holidays – at least on TV or in the movies. In your life, though, that rosy picture may be far from reality. Just the thought of a bunch of annoying relatives flooding your house might send you into a depressive down-spiral. There’s the uncle who always…

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