Overwhelming Emotions

A common theme with children and adolescents is the inability to appropriately express anger and frustration, anger management issues. Anger can be the result of a child’s experiences of loss, trauma, or rejection, and accompany many of the difficulties that present with mood and learning issues. Children and teens can manifest anger externally or internally. Either form can be alarming, and can be disruptive to the child’s functioning.

Left untreated, anger problems can grow into serious mental health issues. Early intervention is a key element in preventing ongoing emotional distress and negative consequences.

anger management
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Achieve Emotional Balance

Our approach helps to:

  • Normalize and treat anger from a practical and developmental perspective
  • Identify the often hidden sources of anger, as well as stressors and triggers that maintain the cycle of anger
  • Develop healthy behavioral & emotional redirection of feelings, rather than use “control” approaches that hinder emotional expression and recreate frustration
  • Help parents model and reinforce successful use of positive anger coping skills

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