Why Choose Us?

It is normal and expected to encounter challenges from time to time. For the most part, we are able to use our resources and support systems to move through these struggles with little disruption. Sometimes however, our problems become formidable obstacles, impeding our progress and keeping us feeling stuck. Whether you are feeling stuck in your marriage, with your child or teen, or because of an array of other reasons; you can persevere and we are here to help you.

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Our Principal Philosophy

We believe our client's deserve nothing less than exceptional care that works. In keeping with this philosophy, our therapists have smaller caseloads, allowing time to provide greater attention and personalized care to all of our clients. We take great pride in providing services that foster healing, personal-growth, and a joyous life.

The Benefits

Extensive Training

We have extensive training in child development and use therapies that address the specific needs of our child and teen clients.

Focused Treatment

We believe in quality vs. quantity, which is why our therapists limit their caseloads. This allows our clinicians time to provide greater attention and personalized care to you and your loved ones.

Tracked Progress

Periodic progress reports numerically measure, track, and graph our client’s progress and therapeutic goal achievement.

Updated Methods

Our therapists have a range of service from 5 to 28 years, and all remain current with cutting-edge theory and practice methods with regards to helping others.

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What To Expect

You and your loved one’s deserve the best care possible, which is why we work so diligently in providing practical, effective, and results-focused services. Working from our client’s many strengths we are able to uncover deeper causes for problems and resolve them at their core; develop and employ specific coping skills and success plans that help our client's move forward and grow; and attain a newfound awareness/insight that help to prevent negative behavioral and interpersonal cycles.

Problematic symptoms and behaviors are numerically measured and tracked to ensure symptom reduction and overall treatment efficacy. Through the progress tracking process, our clients are able to see their specific symptoms reduce over time, reinforcing messages of empowerment, personal strength, and hope.

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