Nesting Plans for Divorce: Pros and Cons

nesting plans for divorce

Nesting is an agreement in which the children stay in the family home while the parents take turns taking care of them. Most often, it means the parents live in a rented residence or stay with friends or family when it’s not their turn to care for their children. Usually, nesting is a transitional and…

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How to Survive Your Teens Mood Swings and Maybe Even Help Them Out

Teens Mood Swings

Without much warning and often little provocation, the beast awakens. You brace yourself. A little fear even flashes in your eyes. With eye rolling, snarky comments, snapping, and yelling, your teenager unleashes their attitude. Like a ferocious and unpredictable monster, they tear into everything and everyone around them.     At least… that’s how you may perceive…

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