9 Signs of Permissive Parenting & How to Turn It Around

permissive parenting

“My child just won’t take no for an answer!” It’s interesting that this comment actually tells more about the parent than about the child. Usually, children who won’t take no for an answer have no reason to believe it because their parents are too permissive – unable to really say “no” and mean it. How…

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ADHD: 10 Ways to Stop the Daily Homework Battle

Daily Homework Battle

The mother lets out an exhausted sigh. For the umpteenth time already she had to remind her son to get back to his homework tasks. She decides she can let dinner cook for a moment by itself and walks over to the table. The lack of progress she observes on his paper provokes another sigh.…

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Parents, When Schools Downplay Bullying Take These Steps

schools downplay bullying

You leave the school building unexpectedly disgruntled. Everything that occurred in the past thirty minutes has completely crushed your confidence in those entrusted with keeping your child safe. How could this be? How could the school personnel downplay such a serious issue like bullying? As you sit a moment in your car, your mind replays…

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