How to Know If You’re an Enmeshed Parent

enmeshed parent

What exactly is an enmeshed parent? There is a connection and, yet, a slight but decisive distinction between a helicopter parent, a narcissistic parent, and an enmeshed parent.A helicopter parent employs an excessively responsible parenting style that leads to overprotecting, overcontrolling, and over-perfecting their child. A narcissistic parent is so possessive that their child basically…

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5 Reasons Why Gratitude Can Change Your Life


Do you see your life as a glass half empty or half full? All too often we tend to be ungrateful for the things we have. That is, until something happens in our lives and suddenly everything is gone – money, friends, hope. It’s in those moments when our eyes get opened. Then, we finally…

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These Five Signs Say It’s Time for Marriage Therapy

marriage therapy

Any car owner knows that throughout the years their vehicle will need maintenance. When a car doesn’t run as smoothly as before – having little sputters here and there – it’s time for a tune-up. Just like vehicles, relationships can show wear and tear over the years. In fact, every marriage has its ups and…

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Are You Codependent? 9 Symptoms to Watch Out For


“The possibility of losing her fills me with dread. I can’t imagine my life without her being here.” “I don’t know what I would do without him. My world would fall apart. I’d be lost.” Do those sentiments sound familiar? Have you ever had fears of being alone? Do you yearn so deeply for the…

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Relationship Magic: The Benefits of Validating Your Partner

validating your partner

“I bought her chocolates, flowers, and even diamonds. But nothing seemed to bring us closer together.” Maybe that’s because those tangible things are not necessarily the best way to build a strong connection with your partner. Not that it hurts to get gifts, enjoy a special dinner, or go on a romantic trip together. But…

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5 Ways to Create Honesty and Trust with Your Teen

Trust with Your Teen

As your children grow and develop into teens, they don’t always want comfort in the ways you’ve traditionally provided it. When you try to discern what they’re thinking, feeling, and doing, you wind up with more questions than answers. Because teenagers have entered a stage of development that eventually enables them to become independent adults,…

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