CBT and Depression: What Makes CBT So Effective?

cbt and depression

“I want that report on my desk, today!” Your boss demands, standing in the doorway of his office. “I don’t have time for you’re excuses; just get it done!” He disappears back into the adjacent room. You pause a moment, looking over the paperwork on your desk, then the computer screen. A deep sigh. Will you…

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IEP vs 504: Which Plan is Best for Your Child?

iep vs 504

So you have a child with a disability? Of course, as any loving and caring parent, you want the best for your child, including the best possible education. When your child is about to start public school, though, you suddenly find yourself confronted with a slew of acronyms – IDEA, IEP, 504, and so on.…

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Acts of Terrorism: How to Talk to Your Children

acts of terrorism

Smoke rising into the sky from burning towers. Derailed train cars split open by a blast. Special forces lining up outside a building. Covered bodies lying strewn about. Repeated gunshots ringing out. Crowds fleeing in panic. Bodies being carried out of a pile of rubble. Those are the visual images of acts of terrorism. More…

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