Tics in Children: Why They Happen and What Can be Done

tics in children

Here it was – the dreaded math test. And with it came the oh-so-familiar urge. He could feel it getting stronger. He tried to control it. Tried to hold it in. But it kept building, until he just couldn’t hold it back any longer… and he let it out. His shoulders jerked several times. Relief…

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The Emotional Child: How Parents Can Prevent Outbursts

emotional child

  How to Calm, Soothe & Eventually Prevent Outbursts Have you ever felt so angry, you said or did something that later caused regret and sorrow? This is of course a rhetorical question as everyone “loses their cool” from time to time, with no real lasting ill effect on them or the others around them.…

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The Child and Teen Therapist – When is it Time to Seek Support

Child and Teen Therapist

When should a parent consult with a child and teen therapist? Child and adolescent therapists know that it is common for children to experience challenges, struggles, and obstacles as they develop and grow. These can occur at any stage of development, or they can be occasioned by either typical or unexpected life events. In early childhood,…

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Seeking a Quieter Mind? 10 Ways to Stop Mind Chatter

quieter mind

Today’s the day your commitment to meditation is about to become a reality. You dim the lights, turn off your cell phone, burn some incense, and get comfortable. But within seconds of closing your eyes and trying to focus on your breathing, in creeps the first mind monkey. Mind monkey? What’s a mind monkey? “The…

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