Are You Codependent? 9 Symptoms to Watch Out For


“The possibility of losing her fills me with dread. I can’t imagine my life without her being here.” “I don’t know what I would do without him. My world would fall apart. I’d be lost.” Do those sentiments sound familiar? Have you ever had fears of being alone? Do you yearn so deeply for the…

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Does Your Child Have Asperger’s? 10 Signs to Look For


“His words were gushing out like a waterfall. I watched him pace back and forth in the room, recounting the statistics he had read in a book about baseball – his great passion. I knew a lot of people didn’t understand him. They often found his behavior annoying and odd. “All his life, he had…

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Why It’s Truly Time to Take a Timeout On Timeouts For Children

timeouts for children

Timeouts are supposed to give parents and children a break from each other when emotions run high. But could timeouts be teaching the wrong lesson? Experts believe that when you ignore, remove, or withdraw parental attention, you can promote positive behavior in your child. But what if a child perceives this action as the removing…

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Relationship Magic: The Benefits of Validating Your Partner

validating your partner

“I bought her chocolates, flowers, and even diamonds. But nothing seemed to bring us closer together.” Maybe that’s because those tangible things are not necessarily the best way to build a strong connection with your partner. Not that it hurts to get gifts, enjoy a special dinner, or go on a romantic trip together. But…

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