Stay Calm to Successfully Handle Your Child’s Meltdowns

emotional child

Your face flushes red. You nervously glance at the onlookers, thoroughly embarrassed about the scene your child is making. Refusing to listen to anything you say, your child is screaming, stomping, threatening, and thrashing about – completely out of control! Sounds like something you’ve experienced? Don’t feel guilty if you have a hard time loving…

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Your Teen Tried Marijuana? 7 Tips to Help You Handle It

teen tried marijuana

It’s a sad but true fact that marijuana has become the most popular drug with junior high and high schoolers. Statistics show that it’s not at all unusual for children to be offered the opportunity to try it sometime during their teenage years. Although you probably knew this, it becomes much more personal when you…

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These Five Signs Say It’s Time for Marriage Therapy

marriage therapy

Any car owner knows that throughout the years their vehicle will need maintenance. When a car doesn’t run as smoothly as before – having little sputters here and there – it’s time for a tune-up. Just like vehicles, relationships can show wear and tear over the years. In fact, every marriage has its ups and…

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