Anxiety in Teens: Signs and Symptoms to Look For

anxiety in teens

It’s easy to look back on your teenage years with nostalgia. You were just beginning to grasp who you could become, you had relatively few responsibilities, and most of your experiences then were new and exciting. The music was better; your eyes were brighter. It’s fun to look through old photo albums, but if you…

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5 Ways to Create Honesty and Trust with Your Teen

Trust with Your Teen

As your children grow and develop into teens, they don’t always want comfort in the ways you’ve traditionally provided it. When you try to discern what they’re thinking, feeling, and doing, you wind up with more questions than answers. Because teenagers have entered a stage of development that eventually enables them to become independent adults,…

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The Challenge of Parenting Teens in the Age of Legalized Marijuana

Teens and Legalized Marijuana

As marijuana has begun to shed its restrictive laws, you’ve likely been the audience to plenty of speculation about how legalized marijuana will affect crime, state tax revenue, local businesses, and cultural attitudes toward health and drug consumption. As a parent, your questions probably hit a little closer to home, but they matter even more. “Will…

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