Exposure Therapy: Why Directly Confronting Fears Helps OCD Sufferers

Helps OCD

The most natural reaction to something we fear—be that people, objects, or situations—is usually to avoid it. Unfortunately, though, that innate action is often the least helpful response. Think, for example, of someone that suffers from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The urge to eliminate or avoid something that they fear—contamination, harming others, losing control, etc.—is exactly…

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Train Your Brain to Be Calm and Less Anxious With Neurofeedback


Perhaps you have seen this:  Two opponents, seated at opposite ends of a table. Their heads are adorned with a broad, pliable band held parabolan buying: offline recommendations in place with a velcro closure. From the band extends two electrical wires that connect to the table.  In the middle of the table, a transparent plastic…

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10 Simple Ways You can Help Your Child Cope with Anxiety

child cope with anxiety

It’s hard enough for adults to deal with anxiety, how much more so for children. The confusing thoughts, the worries, the discomfort, the roller coaster feelings of panic and helplessness. It can really be frightening – not just for your child, but also for you. Naturally, as parents, you want to protect our child from…

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Your Mind Won’t Shut Down? Resolve Your Sleep Problems

sleep problems

The room is dark, aside from the moonlight softly illuminating the window blinds. Not a sound – from outside the home or inside – disturbs the tranquility. A perfect setting for a refreshing slumber. But here you are – lying awake. Your eyes are staring at the ceiling, thoughts racing through your mind. Everything from…

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You CAN Overcome Test Anxiety! Tips and Strategies

test anxiety

The chatter in the room dies down as the teacher begins addressing the class, but you can barely make out his words. The drumming of your heartbeat in your ears drowns out everything he says. He lays a stack of papers in front of you – the final exam. You stare at the front page.…

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Social Anxiety: Common Symptoms and Coping Strategies

social anxiety

We’ve all experienced moments of shyness. They can arise unexpectedly but don’t typically present as a serious obstacle to social interaction. According to the Social Anxiety Institute (SAI), shyness is classified as a “personality characteristic.” Social anxiety, on the other hand, is a disorder. The SAI characterizes this disorder as displaying “a significant amount of…

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Anxiety Coping Tips: 12 Ways to Calm Your Mind and Body

anxiety coping tips

“I can tell when it starts. My body begins to tingle as if ice is running through my veins. I start getting dizzy. My heart begins to race, my breathing becomes shallow…” “The first sign is when my vision becomes blurry. I can’t see straight any more. Then it feels like I’m being squeezed into…

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Tics in Children: Why They Happen and What Can be Done

tics in children

Here it was – the dreaded math test. And with it came the oh-so-familiar urge. He could feel it getting stronger. He tried to control it. Tried to hold it in. But it kept building, until he just couldn’t hold it back any longer… and he let it out. His shoulders jerked several times. Relief…

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