Seeking a Quieter Mind? 10 Ways to Stop Mind Chatter

quieter mind

Today’s the day your commitment to meditation is about to become a reality. You dim the lights, turn off your cell phone, burn some incense, and get comfortable. But within seconds of closing your eyes and trying to focus on your breathing, in creeps the first mind monkey. Mind monkey? What’s a mind monkey? “The…

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Overcoming Anxiety and Worry with Mindfulness

overcoming anxiety

In Pali, the term is sati; in Sanskrit, it’s smrti. British scholar Thomas William Rhys Davids translated this as mindfulness. Sati is literally translated as “memory,” but it’s rarely used alone. It appears constantly in the phrase “mindful and thoughtful” and generally refers to a presence of mind which is expected of a “good Buddhist.”…

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Understanding Childhood Phobias and How to Help Your Child Cope

childhood phobias

Fear is a natural response. It’s hardwired into our brains. In an emergency situation, the logical thought processes we use to navigate the complexities of life are simply too slow; seconds can mean the difference between survival and disaster. It’s a natural feature of the emotional “operating system” of our brains. But some fears escape…

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Anxiety in Teens: Signs and Symptoms to Look For

anxiety in teens

It’s easy to look back on your teenage years with nostalgia. You were just beginning to grasp who you could become, you had relatively few responsibilities, and most of your experiences then were new and exciting. The music was better; your eyes were brighter. It’s fun to look through old photo albums, but if you…

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