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How to Know If You’re an Enmeshed Parent

enmeshed parent

What exactly is an enmeshed parent? There is a connection and, yet, a slight but decisive distinction between a helicopter parent, a narcissistic parent, and an enmeshed parent.A helicopter parent employs an excessively responsible parenting style that leads to overprotecting, overcontrolling, and over-perfecting their child. A narcissistic parent is so possessive that their child basically…

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Parenting Challenges – 8 Tips to Avoid Spoiling Your Child

permissive parenting

Imagine the scene: A splendid throne atop an elevated platform. Two servants rushing back and forth, catering to the every wish of the crowned head seated upon the lofty chair. Exhausted from a day’s worth of conforming to the demands of the ruler, they finally bow with heads low. Nothing wrong with that scenario, right?…

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Why It’s Truly Time to Take a Timeout On Timeouts For Children

timeouts for children

Timeouts are supposed to give parents and children a break from each other when emotions run high. But could timeouts be teaching the wrong lesson? Experts believe that when you ignore, remove, or withdraw parental attention, you can promote positive behavior in your child. But what if a child perceives this action as the removing…

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9 Signs of Permissive Parenting & How to Turn It Around

permissive parenting

“My child just won’t take no for an answer!” It’s interesting that this comment actually tells more about the parent than about the child. Usually, children who won’t take no for an answer have no reason to believe it because their parents are too permissive – unable to really say “no” and mean it. How…

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Your Child’s First Cell Phone: Rules and Responsibility

child's first cell phone

  child’s first cell phoneSo, you doubt that your child… … would ever be texting all night long, sacrificing much needed sleep? … could be harassed by someone with ugly threats via text message? … would send a scantily clad photo of themselves to anyone? … could fall behind in school due to their texting…

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Parenting a Strong-Willed Child? Take These Steps to Success

strong-willed child

As if they were a character from the novel Black Beauty, some parents seem to discuss their children as if they were unruly horses in need of a serious, Victorian-era “breaking.” Just like horses, strong-willed children can be difficult to raise properly. But with care and effort, not only can you successfully raise your child…

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