Does Your Child Have Asperger’s? 10 Signs to Look For


“His words were gushing out like a waterfall. I watched him pace back and forth in the room, recounting the statistics he had read in a book about baseball – his great passion. I knew a lot of people didn’t understand him. They often found his behavior annoying and odd. “All his life, he had…

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9 Signs of Permissive Parenting & How to Turn It Around

permissive parenting

“My child just won’t take no for an answer!” It’s interesting that this comment actually tells more about the parent than about the child. Usually, children who won’t take no for an answer have no reason to believe it because their parents are too permissive – unable to really say “no” and mean it. How…

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ADHD Treatment: Why Medication is not the Only Solution

adhd treatment

“I think your kid might have ADHD,” is an all too common response when someone notices that a child has trouble settling down and perhaps can’t seem to focus well. Often that statement is followed by: “You should really have them tested and get them on some medication.” Quickly resorting to treating a mental or…

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