10 Simple Ways You can Help Your Child Cope with Anxiety

child cope with anxiety

It’s hard enough for adults to deal with anxiety, how much more so for children. The confusing thoughts, the worries, the discomfort, the roller coaster feelings of panic and helplessness. It can really be frightening – not just for your child, but also for you. Naturally, as parents, you want to protect our child from…

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Find Solution’s to Your Child’s Sleep Problems

child's sleep problems

 The sound that you think is part of your dream slowly rouses you from your slumber. You blink, confused by the fact that the noise is still present. Yet, you’re awake!   As you become more conscious of your surroundings, you realize that it comes from the adjacent room. Your child’s room. And suddenly you…

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Stay Calm to Successfully Handle Your Child’s Meltdowns

emotional child

Your face flushes red. You nervously glance at the onlookers, thoroughly embarrassed about the scene your child is making. Refusing to listen to anything you say, your child is screaming, stomping, threatening, and thrashing about – completely out of control! Sounds like something you’ve experienced? Don’t feel guilty if you have a hard time loving…

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Why It’s Truly Time to Take a Timeout On Timeouts For Children

timeouts for children

Timeouts are supposed to give parents and children a break from each other when emotions run high. But could timeouts be teaching the wrong lesson? Experts believe that when you ignore, remove, or withdraw parental attention, you can promote positive behavior in your child. But what if a child perceives this action as the removing…

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Parents, When Schools Downplay Bullying Take These Steps

schools downplay bullying

You leave the school building unexpectedly disgruntled. Everything that occurred in the past thirty minutes has completely crushed your confidence in those entrusted with keeping your child safe. How could this be? How could the school personnel downplay such a serious issue like bullying? As you sit a moment in your car, your mind replays…

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