It’s Back to School Time! Use These Tips to Ease the Transition

back to schoolIs it that time again?

Yes. The start of school is almost here. Time to get ready!

It seems like you’ve just gotten into the swing of summer, and suddenly the beginning of school is on the horizon again. Where did the time go?

Take heart. Most children and parents alike are reluctant to get back into the routine. So, how can you prepare your children and yourself for a successful start in the new school year?

Consider some of the following tips to make the back-to-school transition easier.

Prepare Your Children For Back To School – Physically and Mentally

Have an end-of-summer ritual – Think about creating a scrapbook of all your summer activities. Or go to an especially fun place one last time.

Re-establish bedtime npp and deca combination hours – One or two weeks before school starts, begin easing your children back into the wake-up schedule for school. Make sure you change bedtime hours accordingly to ensure your children get enough sleep for their age.

Determine your children’s clothing needs – Go through their closets and make a list of what they need. Take advantage of back-to-school bargains to stay within your budget. Consider buying your children a special new outfit for the first day of school. It will make for a happy start.

Shop for school supplies early – Let your children pick their own supplies. It will get them involved and give them a sense of ownership. Then fill their backpacks with all the necessary things ahead of time.

Make sure your children are in good health – During the summer months, be sure to schedule all your children’s necessary doctor and dental check-ups.

Be Organized at Home

Select a spot to keep school belongings – Designate a specific place in the house where your children can keep their backpacks and lunch boxes.

Create a school calendar – Display it in a spot where the whole family can see it and mark all important dates. Clear communication will help cut down on confusion.

Set up a homework area – Choose a place where you can monitor, supervise, and encourage your children while they do homework. Older children should have the option to do their homework in their room or in another quiet place in the house. It can also be helpful to create a homework basket with all necessary supplies – reserved for doing homework only!

Establish Routines and Strategies

Develop strategies for meals – Find easy, quick, and kid-friendly breakfast and lunch ideas. Be sure to buy nutritious foods with plenty of protein and complex carbohydrates.

Prepare the night before – Check the weather forecast and have your children lay out appropriate outfits. Make sure their homework and school supplies are in their backpacks. Prepare their lunch or snack. Let your children help you if they’re old enough. And don’t forget to pre-select breakfast and have the breakfast table ready and set.

Set up morning routines – Have a specific time for breakfast. And consider having a morning checklist with things that your children need to do before they leave for school.

Communicate With the School/Teachers

Go to meet-the-teacher night or open house – Take the opportunity to visit the school with your children. This is especially important if your children are very young or they’re switching to a new school. Help them find the classrooms, the cafeteria, the bathrooms, etc. Meet their teachers and help your children make a connection to them. Let the teachers know they can count on your support. And ask them what their preferred method of communication with parents is, so you can keep in contact.

Stay organized – Develop a filing system for all paperwork that comes home. Read all materials from the school thoroughly. They may have important information about the teachers, room number, school supplies, dress code, bus transportation, etc.

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