Food, Serotonin, and Depression: Improve Your Diet and Boost Your Mood

Food, Serotonin, and Depression

You’re feeling down, out-of-sorts, and unmotivated. Before you know it, you find yourself binging on chocolates, pastries, and soft drinks. Somehow, stuffing yourself with sweets and starchy carbohydrates chases that dark cloud that’s been hanging over your head away… at least for a time. Why? The Connection Between Food and Serotonin Serotonin is a neurotransmitter—the…

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10 Simple Ways You can Help Your Child Cope with Anxiety

child cope with anxiety

It’s hard enough for adults to deal with anxiety, how much more so for children. The confusing thoughts, the worries, the discomfort, the roller coaster feelings of panic and helplessness. It can really be frightening – not just for your child, but also for you. Naturally, as parents, you want to protect our child from…

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Does Your Child Have Asperger’s? 10 Signs to Look For


“His words were gushing out like a waterfall. I watched him pace back and forth in the room, recounting the statistics he had read in a book about baseball – his great passion. I knew a lot of people didn’t understand him. They often found his behavior annoying and odd. “All his life, he had…

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CBT and Depression: What Makes CBT So Effective?

cbt and depression

“I want that report on my desk, today!” Your boss demands, standing in the doorway of his office. “I don’t have time for you’re excuses; just get it done!” He disappears back into the adjacent room. You pause a moment, looking over the paperwork on your desk, then the computer screen. A deep sigh. Will you…

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Acts of Terrorism: How to Talk to Your Children

acts of terrorism

Smoke rising into the sky from burning towers. Derailed train cars split open by a blast. Special forces lining up outside a building. Covered bodies lying strewn about. Repeated gunshots ringing out. Crowds fleeing in panic. Bodies being carried out of a pile of rubble. Those are the visual images of acts of terrorism. More…

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Overcoming Anxiety and Worry with Mindfulness

overcoming anxiety

In Pali, the term is sati; in Sanskrit, it’s smrti. British scholar Thomas William Rhys Davids translated this as mindfulness. Sati is literally translated as “memory,” but it’s rarely used alone. It appears constantly in the phrase “mindful and thoughtful” and generally refers to a presence of mind which is expected of a “good Buddhist.”…

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