Exposure Therapy: Why Directly Confronting Fears Helps OCD Sufferers

Helps OCD

The most natural reaction to something we fear—be that people, objects, or situations—is usually to avoid it. Unfortunately, though, that innate action is often the least helpful response. Think, for example, of someone that suffers from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The urge to eliminate or avoid something that they fear—contamination, harming others, losing control, etc.—is exactly…

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Anxiety Coping Tips: 12 Ways to Calm Your Mind and Body

anxiety coping tips

“I can tell when it starts. My body begins to tingle as if ice is running through my veins. I start getting dizzy. My heart begins to race, my breathing becomes shallow…” “The first sign is when my vision becomes blurry. I can’t see straight any more. Then it feels like I’m being squeezed into…

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Tics in Children: Why They Happen and What Can be Done

tics in children

Here it was – the dreaded math test. And with it came the oh-so-familiar urge. He could feel it getting stronger. He tried to control it. Tried to hold it in. But it kept building, until he just couldn’t hold it back any longer… and he let it out. His shoulders jerked several times. Relief…

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Seeking a Quieter Mind? 10 Ways to Stop Mind Chatter

quieter mind

Today’s the day your commitment to meditation is about to become a reality. You dim the lights, turn off your cell phone, burn some incense, and get comfortable. But within seconds of closing your eyes and trying to focus on your breathing, in creeps the first mind monkey. Mind monkey? What’s a mind monkey? “The…

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Anxiety in Teens: Signs and Symptoms to Look For

anxiety in teens

It’s easy to look back on your teenage years with nostalgia. You were just beginning to grasp who you could become, you had relatively few responsibilities, and most of your experiences then were new and exciting. The music was better; your eyes were brighter. It’s fun to look through old photo albums, but if you…

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