Understanding Childhood Phobias and How to Help Your Child Cope

childhood phobias

Fear is a natural response. It’s hardwired into our brains. In an emergency situation, the logical thought processes we use to navigate the complexities of life are simply too slow; seconds can mean the difference between survival and disaster. It’s a natural feature of the emotional “operating system” of our brains. But some fears escape…

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The Challenge of Parenting Teens in the Age of Legalized Marijuana

Teens and Legalized Marijuana

As marijuana has begun to shed its restrictive laws, you’ve likely been the audience to plenty of speculation about how legalized marijuana will affect crime, state tax revenue, local businesses, and cultural attitudes toward health and drug consumption. As a parent, your questions probably hit a little closer to home, but they matter even more. “Will…

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5 Steps to Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

For those of us who were in high school before the 1990s or so, a GPA above 3.5 and SAT scores 1400 and above were seen as solid indicators of intelligence and, to some degree, that person’s potential for success in life. Colleges weighed these two quantitative pearls when considering admissions, and so these numbers…

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Helping Improve Self-Esteem and the ADHD Child

Self-Esteem and the ADHD Child

ADHD symptoms are not difficult to recognize. However, ADHD can wind up being a catch-all diagnosis for kids who have more energy or who require more individual attention to facilitate learning. These kids often get referred to as “Hyper” or as “Space cadets” but they are not truly ADHD kids. Children and teens who are formally diagnosed…

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Teen Drug Use: Warning Signs and Prevention

teen drug use

As times change from generation to generation, so does the culture of drugs in our communities. Smoking marijuana and drinking are still among the most used substances by our teenagers however; much has changed in what our kids are using and how accessible their drug of choice has become. The days of counter-culture hippies smoking…

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