Parents, When Schools Downplay Bullying Take These Steps

schools downplay bullying

You leave the school building unexpectedly disgruntled. Everything that occurred in the past thirty minutes has completely crushed your confidence in those entrusted with keeping your child safe. How could this be? How could the school personnel downplay such a serious issue like bullying? As you sit a moment in your car, your mind replays…

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Social Media and Depression; How Are They Linked?

social media and depression

“When I read what others post on their social media pages, it seems like everybody in the whole world is having fun connecting with each other… except me.” The indisputable fact is: humans are social creatures. We thrive on interaction, wanting to fit in and be accepted by others. That’s why it is so terribly…

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7 Ways to Help Your Child Overcome Bullying

overcome bullying

Has your child become the victim of a bully? – Immediate action is needed! Bullying is a wide-spread problem, and it’s not to be taken lightly. Your child is facing the difficult challenge of trying to maintain emotional balance under great pressure, and she cannot do this alone. How can you be supportive and help…

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