Train Your Brain to Be Calm and Less Anxious With Neurofeedback


Perhaps you have seen this:  Two opponents, seated at opposite ends of a table. Their heads are adorned with a broad, pliable band held parabolan buying: offline recommendations in place with a velcro closure. From the band extends two electrical wires that connect to the table.  In the middle of the table, a transparent plastic…

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Maintaining a Safe and Clean Life After Addiction

clean life after addiction

Cleaning up your life and body after addiction is like cleaning up a house that has been neglected for a long time. You should be proud of your efforts towards having a clean life after addiction. It’s not easy by any means. It takes courage and strength. You must remember, though, that detox and rehab…

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Technology Addiction and Your Teen: Is There a Problem?

technology addiction

“Internet addiction disorder,” along with other sorts of technology addiction, is not currently listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as an official addiction. Researchers say further study needs to be conducted before an official definition can be agreed upon. With that said, many behaviors around technology look very similar to recognized…

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