Get Smart About Nutrition: How The Right Diet Can Reduce ADHD Symptoms

Diet Can Reduce ADHD Symptoms

Sweets. It’s probably fair to say that you’re familiar with the obvious—and sometimes scary!—effects sugar can have on your child. And it’s probably also no overstatement that, as a concerned parent, you would rather handle your child’s ADHD naturally than resort to medication. Did you know that studies have actually shown the beneficial results a…

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ADHD: 10 Ways to Stop the Daily Homework Battle

Daily Homework Battle

The mother lets out an exhausted sigh. For the umpteenth time already she had to remind her son to get back to his homework tasks. She decides she can let dinner cook for a moment by itself and walks over to the table. The lack of progress she observes on his paper provokes another sigh.…

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IEP vs 504: Which Plan is Best for Your Child?

iep vs 504

So you have a child with a disability? Of course, as any loving and caring parent, you want the best for your child, including the best possible education. When your child is about to start public school, though, you suddenly find yourself confronted with a slew of acronyms – IDEA, IEP, 504, and so on.…

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ADHD Treatment: Why Medication is not the Only Solution

adhd treatment

“I think your kid might have ADHD,” is an all too common response when someone notices that a child has trouble settling down and perhaps can’t seem to focus well. Often that statement is followed by: “You should really have them tested and get them on some medication.” Quickly resorting to treating a mental or…

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Helping Improve Self-Esteem and the ADHD Child

Self-Esteem and the ADHD Child

ADHD symptoms are not difficult to recognize. However, ADHD can wind up being a catch-all diagnosis for kids who have more energy or who require more individual attention to facilitate learning. These kids often get referred to as “Hyper” or as “Space cadets” but they are not truly ADHD kids. Children and teens who are formally diagnosed…

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