How to Discipline Your Preteen — Yes, It is Possible!

discipline your preteen

“If you don’t get that homework finished, you might as well forget about playing video games later.” To your surprise, the ‘magic’ formula of using consequences to discipline your child, the one that you’ve employed for years, suddenly doesn’t work on your 10 year-old son any more. All you receive in response to your warning…

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Your Child’s First Cell Phone: Rules and Responsibility

child's first cell phone

  child’s first cell phoneSo, you doubt that your child… … would ever be texting all night long, sacrificing much needed sleep? … could be harassed by someone with ugly threats via text message? … would send a scantily clad photo of themselves to anyone? … could fall behind in school due to their texting…

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Technology Addiction and Your Teen: Is There a Problem?

technology addiction

“Internet addiction disorder,” along with other sorts of technology addiction, is not currently listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as an official addiction. Researchers say further study needs to be conducted before an official definition can be agreed upon. With that said, many behaviors around technology look very similar to recognized…

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Teen Drug Use: Warning Signs and Prevention

teen drug use

As times change from generation to generation, so does the culture of drugs in our communities. Smoking marijuana and drinking are still among the most used substances by our teenagers however; much has changed in what our kids are using and how accessible their drug of choice has become. The days of counter-culture hippies smoking…

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