Adult ADHD and Depression: Is It Primary or Secondary & Why It Matters?

Adult ADHD and Depression

You’re in a funk. Unfocused and unmotivated. Is it depression? Or something else? Could it have something to do with your ADHD? It certainly could! Adult ADHD and depression often go hand-in-hand. Of course, if you’re afflicted with ADHD, it doesn’t mean you’re depressed, neither does suffering from depression automatically mean you have ADHD. The…

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Helping Improve Self-Esteem and the ADHD Child

Self-Esteem and the ADHD Child

ADHD symptoms are not difficult to recognize. However, ADHD can wind up being a catch-all diagnosis for kids who have more energy or who require more individual attention to facilitate learning. These kids often get referred to as “Hyper” or as “Space cadets” but they are not truly ADHD kids. Children and teens who are formally diagnosed…

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