9 Signs of Permissive Parenting & How to Turn It Around

permissive parenting

“My child just won’t take no for an answer!” It’s interesting that this comment actually tells more about the parent than about the child. Usually, children who won’t take no for an answer have no reason to believe it because their parents are too permissive – unable to really say “no” and mean it. How…

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CBT and Depression: What Makes CBT So Effective?

cbt and depression

“I want that report on my desk, today!” Your boss demands, standing in the doorway of his office. “I don’t have time for you’re excuses; just get it done!” He disappears back into the adjacent room. You pause a moment, looking over the paperwork on your desk, then the computer screen. A deep sigh. Will you…

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Take These Steps to Cope with Depression and the Holidays

depression and the holidays

It seems like there’s nothing but happy endings during the holidays – at least on TV or in the movies. In your life, though, that rosy picture may be far from reality. Just the thought of a bunch of annoying relatives flooding your house might send you into a depressive down-spiral. There’s the uncle who always…

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Discipline for Teens: 5 Things That Work & 5 Things That Don’t

discipline for teens

It’s amazing how words change over time. Take “discipline.” The word has roots in Latin meaning teaching and learning. For example, we speak of “the discipline of Medicine.” But crack open your copy of Merriam-Webster’s dictionary and you’ll see “instruction” is the second definition of discipline, and an obsolete one at that. Primarily, the word…

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How to Help Your Children Cope with the Effects of Divorce

effects of divorce

As an adult, dealing with the emotional effects of divorce is difficult, but manageable. Your sense of the world is relatively stable; you know that big changes aren’t the end of the world. You can visualize a path forward and the resources you’ll need to navigate it. For your children, the news of your divorce…

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